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Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013, 13:59

"Humans of New York" - the blog

This Christmas we had a big family meeting. The older Children came from London resp. just from Canada and from New York. The australian husband of the oldest daughter, now a resident of New York, donated me a book from Brandon Stanton: "Humans of New York", called "HONY". This book belongs to a very young project which just began in 2010. The heart of this "photographic census of New York City" is a growing famous blog called "Human of New York", in which his photos were featured alongside quotes and anecdotes. The Pictures of the human faces of the inhabitants of "Big Apple" and their stories are incredible and often you can feel a warm emotion coming from the heart by reading this little impressions of life of one of the millions of people in this mega-city. The book different from the blog gives only some short impressions with sentences said from the person in the photo or from Brandon Stanton, like this: "One amazing thing about New York is that you pass all these people with ultra-modern clothing and haircuts, then turn the corner and see someone from the ancient world" or: "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world". I remembered this sentences as I looked to the photos which the father of my wife send to us this christmas showing snapshots from stations of our family life, the grandparents, we as young men and women, as parents, our children in each year of their growing. We was all beautiful and young and now our children are elder an still beautiful and we parents are elder and you can't ignore the difference which made all the years gave us a kind of patina. But if I see this all with loving eyes I can see the whole beauty of life and the miracle of humanity belonging together, when we are interested in each other. Brandon Stanton shows in his project that he is interested and how he is with a warm look to all this various people with their remarkable statements. The sight of Brandon Stanton is very personal and you have to be careful because he is a real friend of american capitalism. But he is fair in his statements and not afraid to discuss opposite opinions with several people he met. Of course, he established his blog on facebook and I'm not a member in this and no friend of opening all of my life's moments in the internet communities for everyone but the "Humans of New York" seemed to me another thing. In spite of NSA-affaire to pry out all private things and secrets of everyone the self-confident position one self as a human being with face and individual mind is a contradiction against fear and submission and make the life of spy's and their orderer more difficult. So let's show us and live against fear and submission with carrying our heads high and looking forward as the humans of this world.

You find the blog here:
Spaltet ein Stück Holz, und ich bin da. Hebt einen Stein auf, und ihr findet mich dort. (apokryph. Evangelium nach Thomas)